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New games

Running through 2 layers of emulation, I finally managed to get my lappy to channel its inner Nintendo 64.


blah blah blah

I've been away from the Book of Face for a while now, and haven't really missed it. I find myself wondering what some of my more distant friends are up too, but all in all, I find I have much more time on my hands.
The "other social media" that I am using are so much less intrusive. Strangely enough, I find the old school email newsletter to be the most enjoyable. Orbital Operations, the random and rambling missive from Warren Ellis is the only one I've stayed subscribed too. It really has the feel of the author just sitting down and spewing out whatever is on his mind, which I think is what he does. It lands in my inbox with no set schedule, contains spelling errors and the formatting is kinda whack, but that is why it is so nice. Eventhough there are hundreds, maybe thousands of subscribers it seems like a personal message to me.
The personal connection is what I found missing from FB, since there is such a low signal-to-noise ratio in the constant barrage of updates, funning cat pics, and selfies. Much was being posted but nothing was being said.
I have also been spending way too much time looking at these pictures.


Lazy Geek Cooking

16oz. of mild salsa.
1 can of black beans.
2 jars of queso blanco dip. Save one for later.
1 chicken breast, cut into little hunks.

Toss everything (except one of the jars of queso blanco dip) in a medium sauce pan. Simmer for about 25 mins.

Serve over tortilla chips, smear a dollop or two of queso blanco on top, add as much Crystal's Extra Hot sauce as you can stand.

For the true geek dining experience, fork the whole thing into your face from a shirtplate while watching Futurama and South Park reruns and playing Minecraft.