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"It's OK...I get it."

I was having a crappy day. I nearly lost it at the office, and was grumpy and foul mouthed, definately not the "professional" behavior that I try to exhibit.

So I went out to get some food, and as I was checking out, I was answering an email on my handheld. This is something that bothers me, when I see other people fiddling or talking on their phones at the cashier, and when I realized I was being rude, I stopped, looked up and apologized.
"Pardon me. I'm sorry, that's something I shouldn't do."
"That's OK, there is no one waiting. I understand.", said the young woman behind the counter with a slight smile.
Like I said, I was having a really shit day, and that small but sincere interaction brightened my mood immensely.

I got my soda and sat down for a bit, finished the stupid and pointless email that I had started. As I was on my way out, I stopped at the register to say thanks for brightening my day.
"I just wanted to say thank you.", I said, making eye contact and smiling. "Thanks for being so kind, that was about the most understanding I've gotten all day. "
"It's OK...I get it.", she responded with a small smile, true kindness and sincerity in her tone.

Part of being human is experiencing the full range of our emotions, dealing with them in a mature way, and being compassionate to our fellow man. This small interaction that I had with a clerk at a sandwich shop reminded me of this. Being able to recognize and accept kindness from others is a trait I need to cultivate in myself.

"It's OK...I get it." Five words, spoken with compassion and sincerity and a smile. Sometimes that's all it takes.



4am, again?

WTF? Is there something that happens at 4AM eastern time that would wake me up, everyday for the past month or so? I think it's the curse of getting old, I used to roll INTO bed (or outa da' club, amirite?) at this hour not too many years ago, and now I find myself up and awake, ready to start my day. It's really kinda sad when "sleeping in" means I get to snooze till 8AM...

Update: My neighnor goes to work at 3:30AM (poor guy), and is pretty quiet about it, but it seems that is just enough movement and light outside of my bedroom to roust me from slumber. Not his fault I can't go back to sleep, but combined with my generalized anxiety, makes for an early morning.