Welcome-I'm Monty your Pilot,

On your left you'll see no exits whatsoever. In the event of a crash -which usually occurs statisticaly on take off and landing-you'll be vaporized in 1.5 seconds by over 3000 degrees of flashpoint fireballs which usually result when those big fuel tanks in the wings go up. Be sure you have your dental records in order, as we're now on our way. This is my Page-Mine to rant, spew and gernerally ad to the clutter and meaningless garbage that is the NET. I will however attempt to amuse, amaze and generally annoy you into some kind of response if I can. If something along these lines actually occurs-or if you just like to spout e-mail, I can be reached through MGABRYS@AOL.COM. Yes I'm in AOHELL, but that could be fixed soon SERVER willing. Also here you will find a link to my credentials to whatever gives me the right to the pile of angst laid before you-as well as allows me to suck up with prospective alternate employers. In the meantime enjoy this weeks rant and artwork. I'll be changing this as often as time allows, but it should always be somewhat dynamic, or worth stealing from.

Enjoy NerdBoys!

And now I'm pleased to present today's/this week's rant,
editorial, industry slam, parody, and libel suit in the making.

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No place like Bone, No place like Foam, No place like.....